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The production of LED screens is the main activity of Media Display. We manufacture LED screens at our own factory in Odessa. There are 3 SMT lines in production. Production capacities allow to produce 750 finished boards per day.


   The production of LED screens is a well-established technological process, which can be divided into the following stages:



   PCB designs are being developed. The necessary electronic components are purchased from trusted suppliers.


   The surface mount (SMT) line for the production of LED screens includes three main technological processes:

• applying solder paste to the board;

• installation of electronic components on a printed circuit board;

• solder paste reflow in the oven.

   Each process is carried out automatically and all equipment is tied in line through conveyors. The application of solder paste is carried out on an automatic screen printing device with automatic alignment of the stencil and the printed circuit board. Installing electronic components on the board  produced in automatic mode on a conveyor-type SMD installer. Solder reflow takes place in a conveyor convection oven with a temperature monitoring system.

  Module assembly.  The finished board is installed in a plastic frame and a protective mask (plastic mesh) is screwed to the front part. If the screen is to be used outdoors, then it must comply with the IP67 protection level, so the led module is additionally filled with a compound - a two-component adhesive.

  Checking the module.  The quality control of the assembly of the module is carried out by connecting it to the stand for a day at maximum brightness, during which all defects that have appeared are identified and eliminated.

Assembly led screen. The modules are screwed onto a metal substructure. After that, the process of installing and connecting power supplies, accepting cards, signal loops.

Mounting  LED screen on site.

Start-up and adjustment works .



The method of stenciling materials on a printed circuit board is based on the fact that solder paste is applied through holes in the stencil, which are called apertures. The stencil apertures are located above the areas on the PCB where solder paste is to be applied. The material is applied with a squeegee, which, during the passage over the stencil, pushes a certain amount of solder paste into its apertures. This is the first and very important process from which the production of led screens begins.

This type of mounting allows you to place electronic components on the surface of the printed circuit board. A particular advantage of surface mount technology is the reduction in production costs by automating assembly processes. Mounting machines are able to accurately install even the smallest smd components on solder paste points. The increased tackiness of the flux in the solder paste holds the components in place.​


In our production, we use built-in ovens, which are part of the overall conveyor. printed  boards with  unsoldered components (LEDs, microcircuits, etc.)  are fed into the reflow oven on one side and exit on the other side with already soldered components. The temperature of the various zones along the length of the oven and the speed of the conveyor determine the temperature profile of the reflow soldering.



KINGLIGHT OPTOELECTRONICS CO., LTD is the largest LED display factory for both indoor and outdoor applications.  


Kinglight LEDs are renowned for their reliability and long life span of 100,000 hours, which have won the trust of professionals around the world.

A reject rate of less than 0.01% is an excellent indicator. As practice and our personal experience show, this indicator is much worse for many other LED manufacturers. There are practically no cases of failure of LEDs before the expiration of the declared resource. This reliability is ensured by a multi-level quality control system at the factory, including testing on the lines of artificial aging of LEDs. 






The key principles of our company are high-quality service and adequate prices.
We understand very well
that our products should serve for more than one year, therefore, in the production of advertising screens and the supply of all equipment, components of well-known, time-tested companies producing electronic components are used.


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