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media facade  - huge  LED screen,  which is always  will be in the spotlight. Given  decision  It has  maximum economic efficiency.



The LED media facade is an innovative embodiment of the most original design ideas. The latest technologies allow the facade of buildings to become a bright video screen for those looking at the building and not block the view from the windows inside. Media facade MEDIA DISPLAY - bright, light and easy to install. It can be of any shape and size and is installed entirely on the building, or on any part of it.

Benefits of media facades

Differences of the media facade from the usual outdoor LED screen: size, much lower weight, does not block windows for those inside the building, the ability to mount on any wall configuration.

Economic justification

Media facade is not a cheap pleasure. But they are installed, and the number of installations is growing every year. Because it is a profitable investment.

And the larger and more interesting the object, the faster the payback rate. The media facade will always be in the spotlight. It will never idle without ads. All the biggest and most famous brands will want to be placed on it. Selling time on a media facade is a very profitable business.

Our company provides the development of new designs according to the client's parameters. We produce, sell and service media facades at the best prices in Ukraine.

MEDIA DISPLAY provides warranty and post-warranty service for LED media facades.

Our technical specialists are always in touch. We value the time of customers, so the shipment of products from warehouses is carried out as soon as possible.
Advertising on media facades, made by our design studio, pays off in the shortest possible time and continues to bring big profits all the time.

We will develop an LED media facade of any shape and size for you, and our designers will upload colorful and creative content to it for your building. 

светодиодный медиафасад


KINGLIGHT OPTOELECTRONICS CO., LTD is the largest LED display factory for both indoor and outdoor applications.  

Kinglight products are known for their reliability and long service life of 100,000 hours, which have won the trust of professionals around the world.

A reject rate of less than 0.01% is an excellent indicator. As practice and our personal experience show, this indicator is much worse for many other manufacturers. There are practically no cases of failure before the expiration of the declared resource. This reliability is ensured by a multi-level quality control system at the plant, including testing on artificial aging lines. 

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Key  principles  our enterprise  -qualitative  service and adequate  prices.

We understand very well

that our products should serve  for more than one year, therefore, in the production and supply of all equipment, components of well-known, time-tested companies producing electronic and optoelectronic components are used.


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