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We have been working in the LED technology market for 15 years. We produce LED screens and media facades in Odessa. We sell, install and launch screens throughout Ukraine.

We pay special attention to product quality, so we use only high-quality Kinglight LEDs and Macroblock chips.
Since 2007, we have produced, installed and put into operation 230 LED screens throughout Ukraine. We approach each project individually. The screens of our customers are the face of our company.


We are developing the production of LED screens in Ukraine. Our production base has all the necessary professional equipment for the production of quality products. The qualifications and experience of our specialists allow us to design and produce finished products that meet all the requirements of the modern market.

We guarantee our customers a qualified solution to problems of any complexity, optimal terms of order fulfillment and reasonable prices.



Since 2007, we have produced, installed and put into operation 230 LED screens.


Customer focus

We hear you and  decide  all the tasks assigned to us, based on an understanding of the goals and needs.



Our specialists will find the most optimal and profitable solution for you.



We adhere to the principle of long-term partnership  relations. Our team provides warranty and post-warranty service.



Our company does what we love and we are result-oriented.



Our production is equipped with the most modern equipment from Siemens. We control the entire production process from the very beginning and regulate our prices.


NOVA STAR is the largest manufacturer of LED screen control equipment. 

In the product line, there is a large selection of synchronous and asynchronous controllers.

NOVA STAR equipment is distinguished by its reliability and functionality. With such equipment we solve problems of any complexity. 

MEDIA DISPLAY is the official distributor of NOVA STAR in Ukraine.

We offer quality service, technical support and equipment at the lowest prices.


KINGLIGHT OPTOELECTRONICS CO., LTD is the largest LED display factory for both indoor and outdoor applications. 

Kinglight LEDs are known for their reliability and long life of 100,000 hours, which have won the trust of professionals around the world.​

A reject rate of less than 0.01% is an excellent indicator. As practice and our personal experience show, this indicator is much worse for many other LED manufacturers. There are practically no cases of failure of LEDs before the expiration of the declared resource. This reliability is ensured by a multi-level quality control system at the factory, including testing on the lines of artificial aging of LEDs.

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JSD offers comprehensive production support using modern technological processes. Best-in-class equipment with state-of-the-art software, accessories, fixtures and world-class service. JSD provides optimal solutions for production organization, which include: SMT machines, mounting lines, automatic soldering machines, solder paste inspection-SPI, assembly inspection-AOI, board handling and marking equipment, ESD protection, technological materials, spare parts and technical support


  production of outdoor and indoor (indoor) LED screens and media facades of any size and modification.  Send a request - and we will select the best solution and promptly provide information, focusing on the terms of reference and wishes;

  own production of LED screens and media facades: assembly, configuration and testing of equipment were carried out in Odessa. We install only proven components, so we are sure that they will not fail under the influence of climatic conditions. In the manufacture of LED screen cabinets, we use high-quality aluminum. Cabinets are powder coated and equipped with all necessary fittings;

  fabrication of metal structures. It does not matter where the screen will be installed: on the facade of the building, on a free-standing structure, on the floor, on the ground or suspended - our own production allows us to manufacture a metal structure according to any project, and using only high-quality iron for this.

  installation of an LED screen or media facade, equipment launch. When leaving for installation, a team of our engineers will install an LED screen or media facade, connect the power supply, and start the equipment. If you need supervised installation, our specialist will visit the site to control the installation work, carry out commissioning and commissioning of the equipment. In any case - regardless of what is needed (installation or supervised installation) - the customer will be trained in the maintenance of the LED screen and in working with the software;

  warranty and post-warranty service, equipment repair.  In parallel with the purchase of LED screens and media facades, you receive all the necessary advice on their use and possible maintenance.

230 implemented projects in Ukraine. It does not matter who the customer will be: a developer, an advertising agency, a budgetary organization, a large corporation - it is important that you like the product we produce, because we value our reputation and are focused on long-term cooperation.

Media Display is a team open to dialogues and projects. We are always ready to receive guests in the office of our company, make a presentation of the product, answer questions and come up with the best solution. All wishes, nuances, features need to be discussed. Let's talk!

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