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Media signs attract the attention of potential buyers,

displaying dynamic advertising of goods, and informing about ongoing promotions and discounts.


A worthy replacement for boring static light boxes and tickers. Media signs will easily distinguish your advertising from the usual advertising signs. Such advertising attracts the attention of passers-by.

This design is placed on the facade of the building or in a window behind glass.

LED media showcases can be used both indoors (interior) and outdoors (all-weather). The aggressive atmosphere and our unpredictable climate force us to use dust and moisture-proof modules, and provide for ventilation and waterproofing.
But in addition to difficult conditions, there is another factor - the sun's rays, which illuminate the screen and reduce the contrast of the image. In order to resist the influence of the sun, we use brighter LEDs in production: if LEDs with a brightness of 1200-1500 Nits are used for indoors, then for an outdoor screen this indicator increases to 6500-7500 Nits.

High-quality interesting LED media sign inspires respect for your company. You can change its content for holidays, some events, promotions. Media signs are very effective and pay for themselves extremely quickly.

How our media signs differ from others:

1. With a refresh rate of 3840 Hz, our media sign has stable and clear image transmission.  

2. Our media signs transmit a bright and contrasting image evenly over the entire surface, because. LEDs of the same batch are used in production.  

3. LED media signage is ideal for shops, boutiques, supermarkets, etc.

4. The ability to maintain the screen, both from the outside and from the back.

MEDIA DISPLAY LED products meet all European quality and safety standards. Before being sent to the customer, our products go through 4 levels of quality control.

We guarantee the performance of all necessary work:

  • screen delivery;

  • development of metal structures for installing a media screen;

  • installation work and work on setting up the screen;

  • initial staff training;

  • warranty and aftercare.




KINGLIGHT OPTOELECTRONICS CO., LTD is the largest LED display factory for both indoor and outdoor applications.  


Kinglight LEDs are renowned for their reliability and long life span of 100,000 hours, which have won the trust of professionals around the world.

A reject rate of less than 0.01% is an excellent indicator. As practice and our personal experience show, this indicator is much worse for many other LED manufacturers. There are practically no cases of failure of LEDs before the expiration of the declared resource. This reliability is ensured by a multi-level quality control system at the factory, including testing on the lines of artificial aging of LEDs. 

Сертификат kinglight


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The key principles of our company are quality service and adequate  prices.

We understand very well

that our products should serve  for more than one year, therefore, in the production and supply of all equipment, components of well-known, time-tested companies producing electronic and optoelectronic components are used.


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