Attract customers' attention, because the look is delayed on a bright and dynamic video.
LED screens help to increase the reach of the audience and significantly increase sales of the advertised product.


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Main outdoor screen specifications

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Our company presents LED screens for outdoor production.

Than our screens differ from others:

1. Due to the refresh rate of 3840 Hz frames, our screen has a stable and clear image transmission. 

2. After calibration, our screens transmit a bright and contrast image evenly over the entire screen area. 

3. Outdoor LED screens are a solution that will allow you to display any graphic information even in the harshest climates. 

4. Outdoor LED screens are an excellent solution for advertising agencies, rental companies, shopping centers, cinemas, etc.. 

5. The design of the modules provides for convenient and fast installation, ease of construction, the ability to produce screens of any size.

6. The ability to maintain the screen, both from the front and from the back.

LED products of MEDIA DISPLAY meet all Ukrainian and world standards of quality and safety. Before sending to the customer, our products pass 4 levels of quality control.

We guarantee the performance of all necessary work: ​

  • screen delivery;

  • the development of the project of metal structures for fastening the screen;

  • Installation work and work on adjusting the screen;

  • initial training of personnel;

  • warranty and after service.

Производство LED экранов

Warranty 3 years and service support from the Ukrainian manufacturer.

Flexible payment system allows you to minimize costs and plan to dispose of the circulating assets of your company.


LED Screen Media Display:


  • Huge selection of LED modules for outdoor use (step between pixels from 20mm to 3mm), which makes it possible to realize objects of any complexity based on the needs of the Customer;

  • The best choice for the price/quality ratio confirmed by our projects is supermarkets (Gulliver, Tavria-V, Ocean Plaza, Two steps), restaurants (Fanconi, TREF cinema café, Morgan club, Victory Gardens, Renaissance), night clubs (IBIZA, MINISTERIUM) hotels (GAGARINN, M1 CLUB HOTEL), boutiques (Cardinal, GUESS, Levi`s, Invogue) construction companies (Intostroy) and many others;
    The best price offer on the market: outdoor screens from $ 850 per m2;

  • Reliable assembly, tuning and testing of equipment are performed in Ukraine. By installing only proven components, we are confident that, unlike many analogs, they will not fail under the influence of climatic conditions;


      Do you have the task of showing a commercial on the screen to be seen by potential customers in bright sunshine or in the rain, cold winter or hot summer, day or night? The company Media Display will help you to solve this problem by means of LED screens. only super-bright LEDs give the opportunity to see the image in direct sunlight.
      When manufacturing LED screens we use only high-quality NationStar LEDs with a brightness of 7500 Nits for outdoor use. Even in the harshest climates, the Media Display LED displays are fully functional. All this is achieved due to the high standards of assembly quality and dust and moisture protection of PCBs and LEDs (thermoplastic polymer resin filling), which allows the LED screens to operate in a wide range of operating temperatures from -50º to + 60º C. The spectrum of colors (16 mln. ) of the image is realized due to the joint mixing of the glow in the LED (SMD) according to the scheme 3 in 1. We use only SMD LEDs!

      The optimal viewing distance is determined by the distance between the LEDs and the size of the screen itself. The minimum distance from which the SMD LEDs merge into a single picture is about two hundred and fifty distances between the pixels. In this case, the minimum distance for comfortable viewing is about 1000 distances between pixels. The maximum distance is limited to twenty to thirty screen heights.

      The width, height and distance (pitch) between the pixels directly affect the cost of the LED screen. An effective solution for choosing a LED screen is to compromise between the size and pitch of the screen.


     Than the external screens of Media Display production differ from the screens of competitors:


  • High level of brightness (7500 Nits), allowing to reproduce the information on the street even in case of direct sunlight;

  • Low power consumption - 60-70% lower than most LED screens (achieved by programmatically adjusting the glow of LEDs during the day / night time);

  • The small screen weight is 25 kg / m2 (2 times lower than most LED screens);

  • High-quality image reproduction in a color palette of more than 16 million colors;

  • Stable and clear image transmission - thanks to the use of a high sweep frequency;

  • Excellent color reproduction - after calibration, our screens transmit a brighter and more contrast image evenly over the entire surface;

  • Various solutions for screen control systems, based on the customer's task and need.


NationStar Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. (NationStar) is the largest in China corporation on manufacture of light-emitting diodes, crystals for light-emitting diodes and light-emitting diode illumination. It includes 5 factories, the total area of production facilities exceeds 200 thousand square meters. m. NationStar is one of the few public companies in China in microelectronics and optoelectronics, whose shares are quoted on the stock exchange, stock code: 002449-Shenzhen.





The key principles of our company are quality service and adequate prices.We perfectly understand,that our production should serve not one year, therefore at manufacture and delivery of all equipment components of known, time-tested companies of manufacturers of electronic and optoelectronic components are used.

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