There is no longer any need to be near the screen. Monitor the operation of the LED screens at any time, anywhere. Monitoring of electrical voltage, fan speed, operation of each individual LED and the condition of the loops.



Know all screens anywhere and anytime
Professional Screen Manager
Providing remote monitoring service for every Nova user!

Comprehensive Status Monitoring

● Monitoring working status of sending card, receiving card, 
monitoring card and multi-function card.
● Detecting temperature, humidity, smoke around the cabinets
● Monitoring power voltage of cabinets, fan speed, LED point status, and ribbon cable status.

Timely Email Alarm

● After Comparing and analyzing the real time status with the historical status of LED displays, 
the monitoring servers will notice the potential problems and phenomenon timely.

Real-time Remote Monitoring

● Know on-site status by checking comprehensive 
monitoring data and on-site image.

Multi-devices are supported

● Multi-device: support Windows, Android, iOS
● Multi-browser: support mainstream browsers like IE, 
Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.
● Multi-system: support synchronous M3 and asynchronous Pluto control systems of Nova Tech.

Efficient Remote Control

● Support remote adjustments of working parameters of the display, such as brightness of the display, volume of speaker, etc.

Flexible Authorization Transfer

● Status of the display can authorised to others, display can be transferred to others for management.

Detailed Health Report

● With powerful system health examination and accurate record of the historical operation status of the LED display, we can know the weakness of the display in detail for prediction and precaustions.



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