Mediafasad - a huge LED screen, which will always be in the spotlight. This solution has the maximum economic efficiency.


Application of mediafacades from Media Display

LED mediafacade is an innovative embodiment of the most original design ideas. The newest technologies allow the facade of buildings to become a bright video screen for those looking at the building and not obstruct the view from the windows inside. Mediafacade MEDIA DISPLAY - bright, light and easy to install. It can be of any shape and size and is installed entirely on the building, or on any part of it.

Advantages of mediafacades

Differences of the mediafacade from a conventional outdoor LED screen: the size, much less weight, does not block the windows for those inside the building, the ability to mount any wall configurations.

Economic justification

Mediafacade is not a cheap pleasure. But they are installed, and the number of installations is growing every year. Because it is a profitable investment of money.
And the more interesting the object, the faster the payback time. Mediafasad will always be in the spotlight. He will never be idle without advertising. All the largest and most famous brands will want to be placed on it. Selling time on a media facade is a very profitable business.
Our company provides the development of new designs for customer parameters. We produce, sell and service media facades at the best prices in Ukraine.
MEDIA DISPLAY makes warranty and post-warranty service of LED media facades.
Our technical specialists are always in touch. We value customers' time, therefore shipment of products from warehouses is made in the shortest possible time.
Advertising on media facades, executed by our design studio, pays off in the shortest time and continues to bring a big profit all the time.
We will develop for you LED media facade of any shape and size, and our designers will download colorful and creative content for your building.


Economic rationale for LED mediafacades

NationStar Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. (NationStar) is the largest in China corporation on manufacture of light-emitting diodes, crystals for light-emitting diodes and light-emitting diode illumination. It includes 5 factories, the total area of production facilities exceeds 200 thousand square meters. m. NationStar is one of the few public companies in China in microelectronics and optoelectronics, whose shares are quoted on the stock exchange, stock code: 002449-Shenzhen.




The key principles of our company are quality service and adequate prices.We perfectly understand,that our production should serve not one year, therefore at manufacture and delivery of all equipment components of known, time-tested companies of manufacturers of electronic and optoelectronic components are used.

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