Media signs attract the attention of potential buyers, displaying dynamic advertising of the goods, and inform about the passing actions and discounts.


Worthy replacement for boring static light boxes and running lines. Media signs easily distinguish your advertising from the usual advertising signs. Such advertising attracts the attention of passers-by.
The given construction is placed on the facade or visor of the building.

Media signs are executed both in full-color mode, and in two-color and single-color mode. The ability to broadcast video gives a huge advantage to the media signage before running lines.

A small weight allows you to easily mount and dismantle the signage, as well as transport it.
LED media signs can be used both in indoor (interior) and on the street (all-weather). Aggressive atmosphere and our unpredictable climate force us to use special dusty-proof cases, additionally glue the printed circuit boards with special sealant, insulate the structure and provide for ventilation and drainage.
But in addition to the harsh conditions, there is another factor - the sun's rays, which illuminate symbols and reduce the contrast of the image. In order to withstand the effects of light, "MEDIA DISPLAY" uses brighter LEDs: if the room brightness of each LED is up to 1-2Kd, then for a street version, this figure is much higher.

A qualitative interesting LED media sign causes respect for your company. You can change its content for holidays, some events, actions. Media signs are very effective and pay off very quickly.
Than our media signs differ from others:

1. Due to the frequency of updating frames 3840 Hz, our media signs have a stable and clear image transmission. 

2. After calibration, our media signs transmit a brighter and sharper image evenly over the entire surface. 

3. LED media signs are a solution that will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the real world thanks to our professional video image processing technologies. 

4. LED media signs are a solution for shops, boutiques, supermarkets, etc.

5. The ability to maintain the screen, both from the front and from the rear.

LED products of MEDIA DISPLAY meet all Ukrainian and world standards of quality and safety. Before sending to the customer, our products pass 4 levels of quality control.

We guarantee the performance of all necessary work:

  • development of project documents;

  • screen delivery;

  • manufacture of metal structures for screen mounting;

  • Installation work and work on adjusting the screen;

  • initial training of personnel;

  • warranty and after service.

Светодиодные экраны украинского производства

NationStar Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. (NationStar) is the largest in China corporation on manufacture of light-emitting diodes, crystals for light-emitting diodes and light-emitting diode illumination. It includes 5 factories, the total area of production facilities exceeds 200 thousand square meters. m. NationStar is one of the few public companies in China in microelectronics and optoelectronics, whose shares are quoted on the stock exchange, stock code: 002449-Shenzhen.




The key principles of our company are quality service and adequate prices.We perfectly understand,that our production should serve not one year, therefore at manufacture and delivery of all equipment components of known, time-tested companies of manufacturers of electronic and optoelectronic components are used.

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